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Fashion Design Course.

Comprehensive Programme
Students will learn both fashion designing and pattern-making concurrently. Where most fashion design schools only teach either the creative aspect of fashion designing or the skill-based tailoring, students of ESMOD Kuala Lumpur will learn how to do both – to design their full personal collection and to produce their own patterns. These creative and practical skills will increase the graduate’s employability in the industry.
Internationally-Recognized Qualification
Graduates of ESMOD Kuala Lumpur will be able to pursue their degree and masters programmes in other ESMOD schools around the world. ESMOD is also renowned worldwide and recognised by many international fashion houses, thus opening a myriad of doors for the graduate’s venture into the fashion showground.
Professional Industry Lecturers
Our teaching staff are comprised of actively practicing professionals in the fashion industry. Only top-notched professionals are invited to conduct the lectures, thus enabling students to be exposed to the contemporary practices of the real-world fashion industry. All teaching staff are also approved by ESMOD International to maintain a high standard of academic quality.
Focussed Classes
Classes are kept small and focussed in order for lecturers to communicate better with the students. The lower lecturer-student ratio allows for more effective immersion and practice.
International Exposure
ESMOD Kuala Lumpur students will be able to gain international exposure from seminars, visits to fashion houses, sharing sessions and be part of the intercontinental fashion scene via events which will be arranged annually.
Practical Experience
Students will also have the opportunity for industry company internship through industrial collaborations. This is an avenue for students to apply practice to the knowledge that they have acquired during their studies.