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Interview with Achievers -
A Young Aspiring Fashion Designer from Sabah
( Also the winner of ESMOD Kuala Lumpur Fashion Competition 2012 )
updated 27 . 09 . 2012
Photo caption : Aaron with his proud parents after winning the first prize of ESMOD Kuala Lumpur’s Prestigious Fashion Design Competition.

Q : Why do you love fashion?

A : I love fashion because I get to express myself freely. I find that I am stronger in fashion compared to other design fields because I tend to get ideas very quickly from anywhere when I am designing a fashion item and that really excites me.

Q : How did you first get exposed to fashion?

A : When I was young, I started watching fashion TV on satellite channels and now it’s on Unifi and I am still watching it. I was also influenced by my mother because it is her favorite show. She loves to sew for herself when she is free because she thinks that it is fun. Sometimes she would teach me a trick or two as well. I find the show really interesting. Sometimes I also read fashion magazines to get inspired.

Q : Did your parents support your decision to study fashion? Why?

A : Initially they were quite questionable about my choice. They were not sure that there would be a job in fashion for a guy like me but I have managed to prove them wrong. After my SPM, I took a long break and during the break, I joined many competitions and I won in almost all of them, though some are only consolations. This is the first time that I joined a fashion competition in Malaysia and I did not expect that I would win it! (Laughs) Thanks to winning this scholarship with ESMOD PARIS, I decided to let go of my offer to study fashion at London School of Fashion since ESMOD PARIS is much more reputable and my parents finally allow me to pursue my dream in Malaysia.

Q : How did you hear about the fashion competition and ESMOD KUALA LUMPUR?

A : One day, I was just randomly searching for competitions in KL on Google and I stumbled upon this fashion competition! Thank God, I am still within the age range specified to enter into this competition. So from there, I got to know more about ESMOD Kuala Lumpur and now I am one of the students studying ESMOD PARIS programme in Malaysia!

Q : How did you find the classes so far?

A : The classes were quite easy in the beginning but as we progressed, the sewing part is hard. We need to be very hardworking in order to improve our works and create a strong portfolio. Our lecturers have very high expectations and can be unpredictable. We cannot be too perfect as well because being perfect is boring! (Laughs) So we are constantly challenged to think out of the box and be better every time.

Q : How do you find your lecturers?

A : They are quite friendly and we get along very well, although they are very strict. Our French lecturer is very unique, unlike any other teachers. She tries to entertain us every time to make sure that we are not falling asleep when the topic can be dry. She always shows us very interesting materials that we cannot find anywhere else.

Q : Who is your source of inspiration? Favorite fashion designer?

A : My favorite fashion designer is Ricardo Tisci. He is an Italian fashion designer and he designs for the house of Givenchy. I love his designs because of his gothic concept and it’s really unique. Somehow they look like architectures. His clothing look like it comes from another era with a modern twist to it. Another designer that I love is Alexander Mcqueen.

Q : What are your dream and your career goal?

A : I hope that I can start my own brand after I graduate. I want to succeed and maybe take over another fashion house. (Grins widely)

Q : What would you tell your juniors who may also want to follow your foot steps and study fashion?

A : I started attending art classes since I was 4 years old and only stopped when I turned 15. I realized that when you know the basics of art, then you can expand to anywhere. So get your foundation right, then as you grow older, you will have a clearer mindset of what you really want and if you pull the right strings and put in enough effort, you will be able to achieve what you want in life.

Thank you Aaron for your great insights! We wish you all the best and may you bring Malaysia’s fashion industry to the next level in the future!