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Our students share about their study trip in Paris!

Photo taken during sunset overseeing the famous Eiffel tower


What struck me most was this embroidered Alexander McQueen dress. And I stood there, staring at this dress for as long as I can remember and before I knew it, I was crying. No word could describe how beautiful it was. - sharing from Lim Will Sern
To say that Paris is amazing is an understatement. The city itself was one that anyone could’ve fallen in love with. The experience to be in a great city like Paris was unlike other. The atmosphere, the architecture, the art scene, the fashion scene and the culture itself, I believe, was an entirely different experience from what you would normally see in those travel shows or illustrated in travel guides. This experience has been an exciting one as well as a mind opening one.

We had to be independent about everything especially when it came to spending. Although I was given a reasonable amount of money to spend, I had to be cautious of what I was spending as I didn’t want to end up broke in one day! Another part was to be punctual. Wherever we go or wherever we meet up, we had to be on time. Otherwise, SOMEBODY will get in trouble with the lecturer! Also, this trip has made me become more appreciative of the beauty that’s around me and life itself.

The places that we went during the entire trip were great and wonderful. Yet, there was one very special place that stayed with me for as long as I can remember and it was visiting a fashion exhibition at Musee des Arts Decoratifs. The exhibition was mainly about the history of lingerie and undergarments.

We proceeded to second floor of the exhibition where we saw runway and couture pieces from fashion designers like Iris Van Herpen, Thierry Mugler, Jean Paul Gaultier, Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons and many more. What struck me most was this embroidered Alexander McQueen dress. And I stood there, staring at this dress for as long as I can remember and before I knew it, I was crying. No word could describe how beautiful it was. And that was truly an unforgettable experience.

EVERYTHING was great. The shopping, the places we went and the pastries. But it was the art museums and galleries that were beyond anyone’s imagination and expectation especially Palais de Tokyo. There were exhibitions of the weird, wonderful, surreal, mind blowing, breathtaking, inspiring and sexually explicit.

This trip also opened up about the possibilities of what Fashion Design was really about. It was more than just a piece of dress or a pair of pants. Fashion is an expression - An expression of one’s inner thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Whether the dress was ripped apart and sewn again or delicately and intricately made, the expression never dies.

If given the opportunity, I would definitely go to Paris again. There are so many places that I have yet to explore and discover. And also, to relive the experience again. So to sum up everything, Paris is the BEST CITY EVER!

-Written by ESMOD’s student


Thanks to my lecturer, he brought us to the other districts of Paris and showed us around. And we realize even the other parts of Paris was beautiful, full of art sense as well. I took a lot of pictures, hoping one day I would use it. - Sharing from Ter Mei Ching

Overall my Paris study trip experience was good. From this Paris study trip I guess I learn to appreciate the art and the history of the country. Paris has a lot of historical building and places that can help us in inspiring ourselves. I don't mean just for the big buildings or the famous tourism spot, but there were also art in the normal street that I could find. Thanks to my lecturer, he brought us to the other districts of Paris and showed us around. And so we realize even the other parts of Paris was beautiful and full of art sense as well. I took a lot of picture of it, hoping one day I would use it in my assignments.

Other than these I learnt how to take care of myself. I've been to Paris during 2012 summer with my parents, but this trip without my parents was totally different. I have to take care of my own belongings, my own safety, health and everything.

Our students posing in front of Les Invalides: the French Army Museum
I guess the most memorable moment is during the eve of France National day. We went out and joined the celebration and feel the crowd of Paris. Me and my classmates sat down in a restaurant and had a great bonding session. Why is this my most memorable moment? It is because I feel that I can merge myself into the culture. I realized French likes to do the same things too! Other than this, of course visiting to Louvre is one of the most memorable one. Louvre is a huge art musuem. I think we have to spend 3 days if we really want to finish the whole museum. Well, we are lucky enough to see the Mona Lisa although it was very packed at the room.

The best thing about the trip? For sure is the fabric shopping spree! We've got ourselves a lot of fabrics that we probably couldn't find it in Malaysia. It's a big acquisition for all of us. I'm sure these fabrics can help us a lot in Pattern Making class.

This trip didn't change my view towards fashion design, but it has improved my knowledge in fashion design. I remember we went to the underwear musuem and it brings all the fashion history class I had back in the first semester into real life.

I would like to go back to Paris because I can easily find the fabric I want there and it has more art atmosphere there compare to Malaysia in my opinion. I just hope Paris doesn’t have that much of pick pockets. I experienced it 4 times in just 1 week. That’s the only bad thing about this trip.
To use three words to summarize my Paris trip, it would be mesmerizing, graceful and addictive.

-Written by Ter Mei Ching


There’s a saying that once you enter the city of Paris, you’ll easily get attracted by their culture and everything. Even when you are back to your country, but your soul is still there to explore. - Sharing from Tseu Shi Jie

We learnt a lot from this study trip. It is an exciting journey and we are learning something that we can't really learn from the books or in our class. It's a lifetime experience. In Paris, everything is so different from Malaysia. This includes their culture, their living style, their language and many more. And these are the main things that we are going to learn in this study trip. Learn to survive in places independently without our parents and our family. But as a group of course we lookup each other as a family, a loving and a caring one. Our seniors treated us like our big brothers and sisters and our lecturers as our parents.

For instance: Let’s talk about the first day when we arrived. Before the seniors arrived in Paris, they'd already book their taxi from the airport to their destination. But we totally forgot about it even though our lecturer did tell us to book the taxi from the airport before the trip but we didn't. And we didn't realize that it'll be such so chaotic after we reached. We went to the counter and asked for it ourselves. In the end we took a bus to our destination. Even though it may seem like a small matter, but we learnt how to settle things on our own.

Besides, we also learn about punctuality. This is because we are living now as a group. Being punctual is very important and we also learn how to arrange and manage our time more efficiently. Furthermore, we also learn to be responsible of our belongings.

The most memorable moment for me is the moment when we were spending our time in the park, in front of the Eiffel Tower. I personally felt that it is the time that we really blend ourselves into the whole Paris culture. Sitting down and chit chatting, lying down on the green meadow, thinking of nothing, perfect for peace in my mind and relax.

The last dinner in Paris is delicious. Bon appétit! After the dinner we walked back to the Eiffel Tower together and we didn't really expect that the night view is so fabulous! It was just amazing. By the way we got the right timing. The tower began to sparkle for around 5 minutes. Everything is so beautiful, no words can describe its beauty. If you really want to know more about Paris, you have to come to feel and experience it yourself.

-Written by Tseu Shi Jie

Dress by Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2005, entitled, It's Only a Game
Dress by Iris Van Herpen Couture, Spring/Summer 2012, entitled, MICRO.