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Fashion Design Course.


1-Year Post Graduate Programme in Creative Pattern Drafting / Draping
(Conducted in ESMOD Paris – taught in French)
The Post Graduate Programme gives ESMOD graduates the opportunity to pursue their studies further. It is open to students who have acquired a Diploma in Fashion Design & Pattern Making from the ESMOD network.

This is a unique programme that includes working with professional who have the French expertise, workshops with creative contemporary designers as well as stimulating the launching of their collection on the market. This is an additional advantage permitting successful integration into the creative world.

Among the highlights of the programme includes:
- Further development of pattern drafting techniques through the expertise of experienced professionals
- Style and volume research with contemporary designers
- Interactive workshops students and professional participants
- Group projects with a Creative Designer
- Development of a real personal project at the end of the course (creating a brand name, creating a firm, with an image concept, and a marketing and communications plan for the project)
- Presentation of the project to a jury of professionals.

As part of the exchange set up with California International Business University (CIBU), a private university based in San Diego, the graduate students can access to the MBA of the University.

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