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Fashion Design Course.

Fashion Design : A First Insight into the World of Fashion
The first year provides students with a basic knowledge and understanding of the fashion industry. Recognizing trends and being able to translate them into creative sketches and designs, then into technical and detailed drawings is the emphasis of the first year. These skills will be put into practice through the production of a collection at the end of the year.

Emphasis will be placed on learning about colour, textile technology as well as fundamentals in drawing techniques.

Pattern Making

A pattern maker/draper specializes in the technical side of any fashion business, in the clothing industry, film industry, television media or theatre respectively. The training at ESMOD schools covers the two principal methods of pattern making- flat pattern making as well as modeling directly onto the Lavigne Bust (draping). The job of the pattern maker/draper is to transform initial drawings and designs from the fashion designer into paper patterns that can be used to form prototypes. Moulage, the art of modeling directly onto the Lavigne Bust was first taught at ESMOD schools and is a crucial and advantageous method of pattern making.

In order to ensure the best possible translation of the design into a prototype, the pattern maker must have an in depth knowledge of fabrics, colour and trends. The pattern maker must always keep the target market and the philosophy of the collection in mind when working on patterns. A successful pattern maker must be able to work and communicate effectively with the designer as well as the producers, the production managers and distributors.