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Fashion Design Course.

For certain, success in a fulfilling career requires passion, creativity and the right educational foundation. Even though the future is unpredictable, a successful future certainly can be influenced to achieve your dreams. The young generations these days are in search for their ultimate career that would enable them to stand at creative industries’ frontline.

Hence, the key here is to offer an international quality education that would provide industry-driven syllabuses with practical-coaching approach.

It is truly an honour to have The One Academy’s 20 years of ‘Masters Train Masters’ teaching philosophy join forces with ESMOD Paris’s 170 years as worldwide leader in fashion design education. ESMOD’s leading fashion programme with its French fashion expertise is a programme with successful teaching methods and comprehensive syllabus that is still used today as taught in other ESMOD schools around the world. The ESMOD Kuala Lumpur’s mission is to nurture young fashion talents in Malaysia with up-to-date experience and to be as big as renowned fashion designers.

With this, I am confident that The One Academy- ESMOD Kuala Lumpur will produce numerous incredible graduates with world-class results to meet the billion dollar fashion industry requirements and be sought after by prominent employers.

Message by Tatsun Hoi
Principal & Managing Director of The One Academy & ESMOD Kuala Lumpur